House Clearance Dunfermline

Case study for a house clearance in the Dunfermline area

Dunfermline House Clearance Requirements

Our client for this clearance owned a large detached house from the Victorian era, a property with five bedrooms and a 70 foot garden. He had bought the house for a good price at auction, knowing that it was in a fairly bad condition and would require a full renovation. He was confident that he would be able to make money on the deal, given the buoyancy of the housing market at the time.

We were instructed to clear the furniture, carpets and curtains from the house and to clear the garden which was overgrown and had various piles of debris in it. There was also a collapsed wall which had left a large amount of broken rubble and masonry.

Dunfermline House Clearance Overview

We parked our vans in the driveway just after 7.30 a.m. We had two teams, one to work on the house and the other to clear the garden. The furniture on the house was little better than junk, and on the top floor of the three-storey property a leaking roof had led to considerable water damage.

We had hired a skip to remove the rubbish and rubble from the garden, and that took several hours of hard work to accomplish.

In the house, we started from the top and made quick progress until we reached the ground floor which was full of old furniture, newspapers, books and various junk. However, a determined effort by our team meant we’d finished the job by 6 p.m.

Although nearly everything in the house was fit only for dumping, there was one really handsome piece of furniture, a solid oak Georgian table. With some restoration, it would fetch a food price at auction. We were able to refer the client to a furniture restoration firm that we often work with. We also arranged to put it into auction, and the price achieved offset some of the cost of the house clearance.

Dunfermline Disposal of Contents

Unfortunately, this was one of those jobs when most of the contents had to go to the recycling waste facility. Virtually none of the furniture was reusable although we were able to recycle a considerable amount of paper and cardboard waste. The exception of course was the Georgian dining table.

Dunfermline Client Comments

The client was quite amazed by the amount of work that we’d got through in so short a time. He was grateful too that we’d spotted the valuable Georgian table, which he admitted he would have consigned to the dump without our expert eye to identify it.

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