House Clearance Cumbernauld

Case study for a house clearance in the Cumbernauld area

Cumbernauld House Clearance Requirements

In this case, a woman called us and she was clearly under a lot of stress, almost at her wits’ end. She’d entered the buy-to-let market a few months previously, having borrowed the money to purchase a two-bedroomed flat in Cumbernauld. She’d rented this out to a young couple who came with apparently flawless references and everything had gone well for the first few months. Then rent payments had become erratic, and the tenants wouldn’t let her into the property. She’d initiated legal action to remove them, but after they’d received a letter from her solicitor, they’d simply disappeared.

At last, with the aid of a locksmith since the tenants had changed the locks without permission, she was able to gain entry to the property and what she saw came as a terrible shock. The kitchen was filthy, with broken cabinets and drawers, the living room and bedrooms were strewn with rubbish, carpets and soft furnishings were badly stained, and some of the furniture was broken. She felt it would take days to clear up and that’s why she called us in. We immediately agreed to come round to the flat to give her an assessment.

Cumbernauld House Clearance Overview

Once we had a look at the property, we were able to reassure the owner that we could in fact have it cleared out in one day. It certainly was in a sorry state, but, we were able to tell her, we’d actually seen much worse.

We got to the property at 8 a.m. the next day and started by clearing out the superficial mess such as old newspapers, magazines, fast food containers and empty cans and bottles. Then we removed those cabinets from the kitchen that were damaged beyond repair, and some pieces of furniture couldn’t be salvaged from the other rooms.

Finally, we gave the place a thorough clean, including steam cleaning the carpets and some of the furnishings. By 4 p.m. the flat was cleared and clean. After the replacement of some furniture and kitchen fittings, it would be in a fit state to rent out again.

Cumbernauld Disposal of Contents

The broken furniture and kitchen fittings were beyond use and we had to take them at a recycling centre in Cumbernauld, along with the paper, glass and cardboard also from the house.

Cumbernauld Client Comments

The client was frankly astonished that we’d cleared out and cleaned up her property in one day. Had she not seen it with her own eyes, she told us, she would not have believed it possible, and she thanked us profusely.

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