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Case Study Of A House Clearance In Greenock

In this case, we were asked to clear a semi-detached three-bedroomed house near the centre of Greenock. The client was a man in his 40s with a young family and he’d just inherited the house in question when his mother had passed away.

He wanted the house cleared as he planned to refurbish and redecorate it so that he could move in with his family.

We were to clear the furnishings, personal possessions and fitted carpets and curtains which he planned to replace. The white goods and cooker in the kitchen and the kitchen units were all in good condition and relatively new, so we were to leave them in place.

He had already removed various possessions of his mother’s but asked us to keep an eye out for anything of value or interest.

Greenock House Clearance Overview

The client had informed us that there was no off-street parking available and there were double-yellow lines outside the property. We therefore applied to the local council for a parking permit, which was granted.

The house clearance consisted mainly of furniture, although there were a number of personal effects to remove including kitchen utensils, clothing and books.

While clearing the bedroom we came across an old jewellery box at the back of a drawer which we handed to the client – he was very grateful that we had spotted it. The box contained various family heirlooms, including some gold jewellery from the Victorian era which was eminently collectible.

Because this was a straightforward house clearance, we finished the job by 1.30 pm, and left the house looking spick and span.

Greenock Disposal of House Contents

We removed all of the contents of the property in a closed, unmarked van as requested by the client. The furniture was all in a good condition so we donated everything to charities in the Greenock area, including a local housing association for people with mental health problems. The book collection was donated to a charity bookshop. Everything that could not be reused was sent to our recycling centre also located in Greenock.

Greenock Client Comments

The client was very pleased with the speed and standard of the clearance, saying that he was “100 percent satisfied” with the job. He was especially pleased about the jewellery that we’d found, which he thought had been lost forever and had considerable sentimental value.

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