House Clearance Glenrothes

Case study for a house clearance in the Glenrothes area

Glenrothes House Clearance Requirements

A client called to ask if we could clear a second-floor, three-bedroomed flat in a small suburban block from the 1930s in Glenrothes. He had recently inherited the flat from his older sister, who had no children, and he had decided to sell it. He and some of his family had already gone through the flat and taken personal effects and items of furniture that they wanted to keep, but there were still a considerable amount of furnishings and household items there.

We were to clear the flat entirely and to dispose of the contents, which included a piano. The client was concerned that we’d have a great deal of difficulty removing the piano as the block had no lift, but we were able to reassure him that piano moving was all in a day’s work for us.

Finally, he wanted us to leave the flat neat and tidy, ready for viewing by prospective buyers.

Glenrothes House Clearance Overview

The first thing that we did was to tackle the piano. It was a standard-sized piano, and although it was very heavy we were able to remove it from the flat. The hardest part was carrying it down the stairs to the ground floor, but we worked together as a team and made sure that we did so safely.

In the end, it took less than an hour to load it into the van. We then set about cleaning the rest of the flat. We removed the final item of furniture from the flat at 3 p.m., and then cleaned it throughout, getting into every corner and leaving it as bright as a new pin by the time the client came to inspect our work.

When he arrived, we handed over a box we’d found at the back of an old wardrobe which contained various keepsakes including some jewellery and a rather handsome antique pocket watch. The client recognised the watch as having belonged to his late grandfather, and he was delighted to see it again. The family had thought it had been lost many years previously.

Glenrothes Disposal of Contents

The piano was still in a very good condition, so we arranged to sell this and use the money to reduce the cost of the flat clearance for the client. The furniture that could be reused was donated to three local charity shops in Glenrothes, so very little had to go to the local council’s waste facility.

Glenrothes Client Comments

Our client was amazed that we removed the piano so quickly, and he was very pleased with the standard of the clearance. He emailed us a couple of days later, “Thank you so much for making such a good job of clearing and cleaning the flat, and for finding the pocket watch which we are all delighted to have back in the family.”

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