House Clearance Hamilton

Case study for a house clearance in the Hamilton area

Hamilton House Clearance Requirements

A client contacted us because he needed to clear a three-bedroomed flat in Hamilton. It had belonged to his aunt, who had passed away a few months earlier. She had no children of her own and had left the property to him in her will. The client required us to clear the entire property of furniture and personal effects, and then to give it a deep clean before he put it on the market.

Hamilton House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property, which was on the third floor, at 7.30 a.m. and performed a quick appraisal before setting to work. As the property was accessed by fairly steep and narrow communal stairways, we needed to take great care to avoid damage to the furnishings and to the fabric of the building.

From the living room, we cleared a large sofa and two chairs, an old TV set, a chest of drawers, a large shelving unit complete with books and various ornaments, and paintings and posters from the walls.

From the kitchen, we removed all the white goods and cleared out all of the cabinets. We also arranged for a Gas Safe engineer to visit to disconnect the cooker.

We then started on the bedrooms. There was a very large wardrobe which took four of the team to remove safely. One of our team noticed that there was a rather battered jewellery case at the back of a chest of drawers. This contained various items of Art Deco jewellery from the 1920s, which is highly collectible. We handed this over to the client.

Once everything had been cleared, we cleaned the property from top to bottom using our specialist cleaning equipment to leave it in excellent condition.

Hamilton Disposal of Contents

Some of the furniture was antique and we agreed with the client that this should go into auction, with the money raised offsetting our fees. Other furniture was still usable, and this we donated to a local charity shop in Viewpark. The client asked us to put the jewellery we’d found into auction and it sold for a good price. Old clothes, newspapers and magazines were delivered to the local recycling facility.

Hamilton House Clearance Client Comments

Our client was very pleased that we were able to reduce the cost of the clearance by selling some of the items that we found. He was also very happy that we’d found the jewellery, which he recalled his aunt wearing when he was a child.

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