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Case study for a house clearance in the Larkhall area

Larkhall House Clearance Requirements

A new client contacted us to arrange the clearance of a three-bedroomed terraced house built in the Edwardian era in Larkhall. It was an attractive period property, but unfortunately it had been occupied for many years by a compulsive hoarder, a great-uncle of the client’s who had recently passed away. He had left the property to our client, his only living relative. Now there was a large collection of clutter inside that required clearing, and our client also asked us to provide a complete deep clean of the property which he intended to sell.

Larkhall Clearance Overview

Once we entered the house, it was clear just what a huge job this was going to be. Fortunately, we have considerable experience of properties that have been occupied by hoarders, and we set to work.

There so much rubbish and junk in the property that it was hard to even get into the different rooms. We had to be very careful with our safety because items can fall down and cause injury in such conditions. We cleared out the living room, the kitchen and the downstairs bedroom on the first day, working straight through until 8 p.m.

The next day we cleared the upstairs rooms, and by midday the entire property was empty. We then removed the carpets and underlay, and cleaned the property throughout. By the end of the second day, you would have been hard pressed to guess that the property had been inhabited by a compulsive hoarder.

Larkhall Disposal of Contents

We always try to reuse as many things as we can when we clear a property. However, in this case the amount of furniture and effects that were in a reusable condition was minimal, as often happens with compulsive hoarding. Still, we managed to salvage some items of furniture which were donated to a charity shop in Larkhall.

One bright spot was that we found some diaries, newspaper cuttings and medals from World War II. The great-uncle had obviously been something of a hero during the war, including being one of the first on to the beaches on D-Day.

Larkhall Client Comments

Our client was amazed at the difference that we made to the property in just two days. He wrote to us a few days later. “It was very sad to see how my great-uncle ended his days and I can only thank you for the professional way you dealt with the house clearance. It was a real revelation to get the material from the war. I knew he’d been in the army, but I’d no idea of the whole story, which is both poignant and fascinating. Thank you so much.”

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