House Clearance Motherwell Area

Case study for a house clearance in the Motherwell area

Motherwell House Clearance Requirements

In this case, our client owned a home in Motherwell. She had inherited the house, a handsome Victorian villa, from her mother, who had recently passed away. The client had already cleared the furniture and personal effects from the three-bedroomed home, but that left a considerable amount of furniture and other household items.

She instructed us to clear the house and to clean it as she planned to redecorate and refurnish it before putting it on the market as a holiday let.

Motherwell House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property at 8 a.m. after a very early start and a 90-minute drive. We did a quick visual assessment of the inside of the property and saw that we would be able to complete the job within the day.

The client had already removed the best of the furniture so we set about moving and packing up the remaining pieces. We then went to work on the kitchen, removing all the white goods which included an electric cooker, a fridge freezer and a washer-tumbler. We’d also been asked to remove the kitchen surfaces and cabinets as the client was going to put in a completely new kitchen so we dismantled those and packed them up for disposal.

We had the house cleared by lunch-time and then set to work on the cleaning. The client had asked us to take down the curtains and deliver them to a local dry cleaner, and to steam clean the carpets. Once we’d done that, we had a final check around the property and made sure that everything was shipshape.

Motherwell Disposal of Contents

As we moved a sofa, we found a photo album that had clearly fallen behind it, probably quite a long time previously judging by the dust on it. The album contained family pictures from the 1930s. We felt sure the client had missed this when she’d taken the items she wanted, so we put it to one side to give her.

The furniture that the client had lefty at the property was modern and in good condition. We told the client that it would be worth something on the secondhand market, but she told us that she wasn’t really interested in the fuss of that. As an alternative, we suggested that we should find a couple of local charities in Motherwell and see if they’d be interested in the furniture, and the white goods from the kitchen. She agreed, and we were able to donate the furniture to two local charity stores.

Motherwell Client Comments

The client drove down to look over the house a couple of days after our clearance, and she sent us an email. “Thank you so much for making such an excellent job of clearing the house – it looks brilliant. Thank you also for the photo album which contained old family pictures which are of great sentimental value.

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