House Clearance Falkirk

Case study for a house clearance in the Falkirk area

Falkirk House Clearance Overview

Some clients are surprisingly forthcoming about the reasons they need a house cleared, while others are more tight-lipped. In this case, the client simply told us that he needed a four-bedroom, semi-detached house with a 50-foot garden in the suburbs cleared as quickly as possible. Whatever clients tell us, we always treat them with the same helpful professionalism and courtesy.

Falkirk House Clearance Requirements

All furniture was to be cleared from the house and the garden, which was quite overgrown, was to be cut back and tidied, and a garden shed was to be dismantled and disposed of. Personal effects and possessions had already been removed by the client. The client asked us to assess if the furniture had any value and to report before we disposed of it. The client emphasised that speed was of the essence and we told him that we could have a crew on site the next morning.

Falkirk Disposal of Contents

Our crew arrived at 7 a.m. and immediately set to work, starting with the garden. They cut back tree branches and cleared all weeds from the footpaths and flower beds. The hedge, which had grown to about 12 feet tall, was cut back to six feet, and the grass was mown. All garden waste was shredded and placed in the compost bin. The shed was dismantled and as much of the timber was rotting it was beyond saving, so we burnt it in the garden incinerator.

While the garden was being attended to, we assessed the furniture. It was modern, not in very good condition, although usable. We phoned the client and told him it might fetch a couple of hundred pounds for the lot. He wasn’t interested in such a small amount and told us to dump it. We never dump usable furniture when we can avoid it, and in this case we donated it to a local charity that runs hostels for homeless people.

We hoovered the property and left it clean and tidy. We left the curtains in place so that they could be drawn at night to indicate that the property was still occupied. We finished work at about 7.30 p.m.

Falkirk Client Comments

The client was extremely pleased that we had completed the job within 36 hours of his initial call. He was even more pleased that we had found a locked cash box at the back of a wardrobe. He never told us what it contained, but he was clearly delighted to get it back.

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