House Clearance Port Glasgow

Case study for a house clearance in the Port Glasgow area

Port Glasgow House Clearance Overview

In this case, our client was the son of an elderly woman who had recently passed away. She had lived in the same four-bedroom terraced house in the suburbs of Port Glasgow for 60 years, but sadly in her later years the house and its 60-foot garden had really become too much for her. As a result, the large garden was completely overgrown and parts of the house were damp and had rotting woodwork. Some rooms were almost inaccessible because of junk that had accumulated over the years. The client now wanted to clear the house ready for sale. Most of the personal effects such as papers, photographs and jewellery had been removed already by the client. However, the client felt that some of her mother’s jewellery was unaccounted for and asked us to keep an eye out for it.

Port Glasgow Clearance Requirements

We were asked to clear the property, clean it and secure it by changing the locks and draining down the central heating. We were also asked to completely clear the garden, which had grown completely wild.

Port Glasgow Disposal of Contents

This was a big job, so we allowed two days and used two teams. We arrived on site at 7.30 a.m., as soon as it was light, and started with one team in the garden and the other in the house. In the garden, we cut back overgrown plants and trees that had become hazardous to the foundations. Overall, we removed a ton of organic material and rubbish from the garden, leaving it ready for replanting in the spring.

Most of the furniture in the house was in poor condition, much of it affected by damp. In this case we had to dispose of it at the local council waste facility since it was in too poor a state to donate to charity, which we often do with furniture that is serviceable but has a negligible resale value.

We made our way carefully through the property, clearing and cleaning. At the end of the second day we had completely cleared it, marked out the areas that were dangerous due to rot, changed the locks and drained the central heating.

Port Glasgow Client Comments

We had not found any jewellery in the house but we did find a case with medals from the Burma Campaign of World War II. It transpired that these had belonged to the client’s grandfather, who had died many years previously. She hadn’t seen them since she was a child and was delighted to be reunited with them.

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