House Clearance Broxburn

Case study for a house clearance in the Broxburn area

Broxburn House Clearance Overview

Our client in this case was a professional landlord and developer with a number of properties in his portfolio. We had worked for him before and had a good ongoing relationship with him. Now, he wanted us to clear the entire contents and garden of a four-storied terraced property in a residential area of Broxburn. Students had been living in the house on a multi-occupancy, furnished basis, but the landlord had decided to convert the property back into a single family home. Contrary to unfair stereotypes, the students had in fact left the house in good order, although as with so many multi-occupancy homes, nobody had attended to the garden which needed a thorough clearing.

Broxburn Clearance Requirements

The landlord asked us to clear the furniture and white goods from the house, to take up the carpets and remove the curtains, so that the house would be ready for the builders to move in. Obviously, the longer the house was unoccupied, the more income the landlord would lose, so he was keen for us to act quickly. We were able to assure him that we could start work the very next day.

Broxburn Disposal of Contents

We arrived at the house at 6.45 am. Parking was not a problem, but as it was a narrow street, we had to be careful not to block the road. We started with the garden, cutting back the hedge, removing weeds from the paths and mowing the lawn.

We then set to work on the house, clearing the furniture, taking up the carpets and removing the curtains and blinds. By 1 p.m. we’d cleared the property. At 2p.m. we handed the keys to our client, and left.

The contents consisted of modern furniture from outlets like MFI and IKEA, so it had little secondhand value. With the landlord’s agreement, we donated some of it to a local women’s refuge and the remainder to a charity that runs hostels for homeless people in the Broxburn areas. There was a compost bin in the garden, so all the garden waste went into that.

Broxburn Client Comments

After our early start, we’d finished the job by 2 p.m., quick work even for us. The client emailed us the next day, “It’s always a pleasure to work with you guys – and this time you’ve really excelled yourself with such a speedy and efficient job. I’ll be in contact as soon as I’ve got another job for you!”

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