House Clearance Viewpark

Case study for a house clearance in the Viewpark area

Viewpark House Clearance Requirements

We were instructed to clear a three-bedroomed Edwardian semi-detached property built in the Mock Tudor style in Viewpark. The client was a local estate agent who was the executor for the elderly gentleman who had passed away some moths earlier. His estate was rather complicated because the beneficiaries all lived abroad, some in Australia and some in South Africa. The solicitor now wanted to have the property cleared so that he could put it on the market. The proceeds from the sale would be divided amongst the surviving relatives.

The house was to be completely emptied and deep cleaned.

Viewpark Clearance Overview

The house was situated in a very pleasant area of Viewpark. From the outside, it was hard to see any signs that the property had been occupied by a compulsive hoarder, but on the inside it was a different story. Towers of books, papers, magazines and general clutter rose up to the ceilings, and almost every conceivable space was filled with rubbish. We have cleared many properties affected by hoarding in the past, so we were not daunted by the size of the job.

We set to work clearing the property, starting with the hallway and moving through the living room and kitchen. There was a huge amount of rubbish on top of broken down furniture, so it took the whole day just to clear the ground floor, and we returned the next day to clear the upstairs rooms.

Finally, we managed to clear the last items on the afternoon of the second day. We then cleaned the house throughout using specialist equipment to leave it in a fit state for sale.

As we cleared, we found a variety of items of some value including several 19th century pewter tankards, some Victorian costume jewellery and a collection of early-19th century Staffordshire pottery.

Viewpark Disposal of Contents

Nearly all of the contents that we removed had to either be recycled or sent to landfill because it was beyond reuse. There were a few items of furniture that were salvageable, and we sent these to a local charity shop in Viewpark. The solicitor asked us to put the collectible items in auction, with the proceeds to offset our clearance charges.

Viewpark Client Comments

The solicitor was amazed at the amount of work that we carried out in just two days. He’d seen the property before clearance and was astonished at the transformation our work had effected. He was also impressed that we’d handed over all the valuable items. Of course, if he’d worked with us before, that would have come as no surprise to him as we always work to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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