House Clearance Musselburgh

Case study for a house clearance in the Musselburgh area

Musselburgh House Clearance Requirements

A client contacted us from Spain where he lived to request the clearance of his father’s three-bedroom bungalow in Musselburgh. His father had lived in the property for more than 30 years, but had been ill recently and so was moving to sheltered accommodation.

The client had cleared the property of many personal possessions and some antique furniture that he wanted when he’d been in England the previous month. He now wanted us to complete the house clearance so that he could sell the property.

The client couldn’t return from Spain to supervise the property clearance himself, so his solicitor was to take that role. The client also asked us to keep an eye out for any items of value that he might have missed.

Musselburgh House Clearance Report

We picked up the keys for the property from the solicitor the day before the clearance was scheduled which meant that we were able to get an early 7 am start the next day.

We worked our way methodically through the property sorting out items we knew could be reused or recycled from those that would have to go to the local council’s waste facility.

Much of the furniture was reusable although of little value. One item that did stand out was a 1950s cabinet which upon inspection turned out to be made by a well-known Danish furniture maker. Such pieces are highly sought after, so we earmarked that to be kept aside.

By 4 pm we’d finished the house clearance and we then gave the bungalow a thorough cleaning so that it would be ready for viewing by prospective buyers.

Musselburgh House Contents Disposal

With the client’s agreement, we donated reusable items to a local charity in Musselburgh and we put the Danish cabinet into auction. It fetched a decent price which we offset against the final cost of the clearance. A small residue of items went to the local waste recycling facility for disposal, something less than five percent of the total we’d cleared.

Musselburgh Customer Feedback

After we’d completed the clearance, the solicitor arrived to inspect our work and was more than happy to sign off on the job. A few days later the client himself emailed us to thank us for spotting the valuable cabinet and for getting a good price for it.

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