House Clearance Bonnyrigg

Case study for a house clearance in the Bonnyrigg area

Bonnyrigg House Clearance Requirements

We were instructed by our client to clear and secure a semi-detached, three-bedroom property in a residential area of Bonnyrigg. The house had been empty for a number of years and squatters had moved in during the previous six months. As a result, a large quantity of rubbish, broken furniture and debris had accumulated, which our client asked us to remove.

He asked us to clear out the carpets and underlay, the curtains and the fittings from the kitchen. Finally, he asked us to secure the front and back doors and windows to prevent any further problems with squatters.

Bonnyrigg House Clearance Overview

Unrestricted on-street parking spaces were available, so we were able to park right next to the property. We arrived at 7.30 a.m. and got to work immediately. Rubbish was strewn around the house, as well as various bits of broken down furniture. The kitchen was a mess, with rotting food on the surfaces and empty packets and broken glass on the floor. We soon had all of that cleared and bagged up for disposal.

Once we’d cleared the rubbish and broken furniture, we removed the carpets and curtains. Our locksmith, a man we work with regularly, arrived and changed the locks, doing a good, neat job as he always does. We have a selection of sub-contractors we work with, all of whom we know well.

With the job finished, we handed over the new set of keys to the owner.

Bonnyrigg Disposal of Contents

We were able to sort and recycle much of the rubbish we removed, including glass, cardboard and plastic. Unfortunately, the furniture we cleared was all beyond re-use, so that had to go to the local authority waste amenity centre in Bonnyrigg , as did the carpets and curtains.

Bonnyrigg Client Comments

Our client checked over the property at the end of the day and said that we had performed well above his expectations. He was especially pleased that we had been able to arrange for the locksmith to change the locks and secure the property during the clearance.

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