House Clearance Johnstone

Case study for a house clearance in the Johnstone area

Johnstone House Clearance Overview

This case involved a young TV presenter who had gone bankrupt in a spectacular and public fashion, with unpleasant stories in many of the tabloids. In his heyday, the presenter had been very successful and had used some of his money to buy an apartment in an exclusive development in a fashionable area. Unfortunately, he had also acquired a drugs habit. It was his mother who contacted us, making her the client, since the presenter was now in drugs rehab but he needed to sell the property as soon as possible to pay some of his creditors, including the Inland Revenue. She asked us to completely clear the flat which was on the fifth floor and had three bedrooms and a roof terrace.

Johnstone House Clearance Requirements

Because of the unwelcome publicity the TV presenter had attracted, our client was anxious that we should be as discreet as possible. We were able to assure her that our own professional code of conduct guaranteed that this would be the case. We were to clear the flat of all furniture and personal possessions. The property was quite untidy and rather dirty, so she wanted it thoroughly cleaned after we’d removed everything. The client also asked us to look out for personal papers and photographs and any possessions that might have a value. We were also to clear garden furniture from the roof terrace and leave it tidy.

Johnstone Disposal of Contents

Although modern, some of the furniture was designer labelled and had a value, and there was also a considerable amount of top-of-the-range electrical equipment. We were able to sell this in our own outlet and to deduct the amount raised from our final bill. We also handed several photo albums to the mother which she was glad to have. Apart from that, there was nothing of value, but we were able to recycle a large amount of paper waste. There were also many unpaid bills which the mother took to give to the accountant dealing with the bankruptcy.

Johnstone Client Comments

The mother was delighted that we managed to clear the property quickly and without attracting undue attention. A couple of months later she emailed us, “Thank you so much for your hard work. We have now managed to sell the property which has gone some way to paying debts. I really appreciated your discretion and efficiency at a time that was very stressful for me.”

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