Eileen Grieveson

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I would like to say a huge thank you to Scotland House Clearance for the most excellent services that your staff have provided me with. I hired Scotland House Clearance to help me clear my late Grandmas property in Fife after she sadly passed away a few months ago. I have been holding off having the property cleared as it has been to painful to bare. Thanks to Scotland House Clearance i have been able to go through with it with the help from their understanding and most considerate staff. I had no idea what was in the property, as I would class it as being ‘cluttered’. At the end of the clearance one of the members of staff handed me a box of old photographs, gold and other items of personal value, i cannot thank them enough for this. They are a very honest and reliable company and i cannot express my gratitude enough, they have helped me get through what could have been a horrible day and they were so understanding of my situation. Thank you for an amazing service from such a lovely team of staff. Eileen Grieveson

Eileen Grieveson House Clearance Customer Fife March 19, 2017

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