House Clearance East Kilbride

Case study for a house clearance in the East Kilbride area

East Kilbride Clearance Overview

Our client was the son of a couple who had lived in the family home for over 50 years. The elderly couple were now becoming somewhat frail and the husband had fallen and broken his hip some months previously. Although he made a full recovery, the couple decided that it was time for them to move to sheltered housing, as it was becoming increasingly difficult for them to cope with independent living. The family had decided that the son, with his wife and young children, should move into the old family home, which was a four-bedroomed house with a large garden in a pleasant residential area of East Kilbride. As the young family had their own furniture, they asked us to clear the property.

There was a 1964 Ford Zephyr in the garage which the elderly gentleman had been restoring, only abandoning the project because of his infirmity. Fully restored, these cars can fetch several thousand pounds, and even partially restored models can have a surprisingly high value. Our client asked us to arrange for the sale of the car.

East Kilbride Clearance Requirements

Personal effects had already been removed from the house, so it remained to us to clear out the remaining furniture. Kitchen appliances were to be left, but cooking utensils and cutlery and crockery were all to be cleared. We were also asked to remove the carpets from living and dining rooms as they family were to lay new ones.

Disposal of Contents

Some of the furniture dated back to the 1930s and was in the Art Deco style. We advised the clients that this had a value and we arranged to have it sold at auction in East Kilbride. Other furnishings were modern and although serviceable had a negligible secondhand value. With the client’s agreement, we donated these to two local charities, along with the kitchen equipment and the cutlery and crockery. The car was also sold at auction and the proceeds from that and the furniture covered almost all of our charges.

East Kilbride Client Comments

The client wrote to us soon after we’d finished the job, “Thanks for doing an excellent house clearance job, and for pointing out the value of the Art Deco furniture – I had no idea of its value! I really appreciate your honesty and commitment to good old-fashioned customer service.”

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