Wendy Johnson

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Hiring Scotland house clearance was the best decision I made when hiring a house clearance to clear my sadly passed mothers property in Falkirk. The team of three arrived at 9.00 am on Monday morning, they were very pleasant and all dressed in matching uniforms. Following my instructions they cleared the property in no time leaving the items that i wanted to keep, still in the house. Though i had forgotten to mention on the phone that i wanted the carpets taken away too, they had no problem doing this on the day at no extra costs. I was very happy with the service that the team had provided me with and now professional they were. I asked them what would happen to the furniture and house hold goods that still had good use, they told me that they will be donated to the local charities and second hand shops, and anything that was not taken in would be recycled. I was most happy to hear that it all goes to good use. I cannot thank you guys enough, what can i say? Scotland House Clearance as a whole is an excellent company, and the staff that i met on the day of the clearance were very polite, friendly and very professional. Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson House Clearance Customer Falkirk March 19, 2017

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